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Company Profile

Managing the Details

The team you can trust.

There are a lot of choices for cleaning out there.  Each has its own level of services and promises.  All hope for the privilege of being invited inside your home.

For years, we have provided reliable service for homeowners like you across Bangkok and nearby area.  We never fail to appreciate the promise of your turst in us.  We know we have to earn the right to keep it.

Regardless of previous experience, every Happy Clean team member goes through extensive training before ever entering your home.  Ongoing training classes keep cleaning skills sharp.  Happy Clean normally work in teams of three for efficiency (all trainee will be an additional of the three expertises).

Protecting You

Your Protection is our top priority.

We understand that your home is one of your most valuable possessions.  We treat it that way, by handling your home, your key and your belongings as carefully as if they were our own.  When you invite Happy Clean into your home, you can be completely confident of your decision.

Even if you aren't home when we come to clean, rest assured that we keep your key safe and secure throughout the cleaning process.  We value the trust that you place in us.

Happy Clean is also bonded and insured.

Our coverage includes liability and workers compensation.  If something should happen, you are protected within full vaule of the cleaning price charged.

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